Soul Expressions, Poetry Collection of Linda Pendleton and Don Pendleton. Poetry, A Bridge Between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds. Within this Poetry Collection by Linda and Don Pendleton, you will discover a variety of themes, Life, Love, Family, Angels, and a variety of styles such as rhyme, free verse, narrative, and a few humorous or limerick styles. For the most part, the poems are expressions of ideas, of emotions, without much thought to a specific style or form. Also included are a number of poems inspired and given to Linda by Don after his death

Crop Circles in the Fields, Objects in the Skies; and Creature in the Bedroom is a free book by Linda Pendleton. It is a collection of articles related to the idea that extraterrestrials do exist and periodically have made visits to earth, and continue to do so. As a result there appears to be evidence of their existence and has led to studies and research by scientific methods. A look at extraterrestrial contact, abduction, UFO crop circles, by professional researchers, including the late Harvard professor, psychiatrist John E. Mack, author of two books on abduction research, including his research into the sightings by 62 school children in 1994 in Ruwa, Zimbabwe; newspaper article written by Stephen Coan of The Witness Newspaper, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa about American filmmaker Randall Nickerson who is making a documentary on the Ruwa sighting; Nuclear physicist, UFO researcher and author, Stanton Friedman writing on the UFO challenge; crop circles researcher, and president of the BLT Research Team, Inc., Nancy Talbott, and her intensive research on crop circles in the Netherlands; Lucy Pringle, photographer, International authority on crop circles and pioneer researcher into effects of electromagnetic field on living systems; Contactee, Athena Demetrios, medium and author; Shawn Randall, crop circle researcher, medium and author; stories of personal UFO sightings by three authors, decades apart; and a look at the United States Space Policy, adopted 2006.

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Abraham Lincoln has had a place in U. S. history unparalleled by all other presidents, not only for the position he held during a very difficult time but for his dedication and determination to return the country to unity and to dissolve slavery. He would forever change the history of our country, and even today has influenced politics. In this look at Lincoln through the eyes of those who knew him, and through his own writings, a unique and fuller portrait of the man emerges, somewhat different than the usual comments one reads about him. He was intuitive and held a belief that he had always been guided by a “higher power,” and that it was his destiny to lead the country through turmoil and challenges of the Civil War. He had an interest in spirit communication and mediums, and was considered by many to be a Spiritualist, and credible reports included herein, verify that. This book gives fresh insight into our greatest president, revealing his compassion, humor, honesty, and wisdom.

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"Linda Pendleton skillfully combines wit with visual artistry through her description of magical Sedona. I think I just caught the Red Rock Fever bug!" ~Athena Demetrios, Author of The Seasoning of A Soul.

20 Ways to Avoid Sedona's Red Rock Fever is a humorous travel guide to Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock country.  Come along with Linda Pendleton and her Red Rock "critters" and laugh a little as you learn about Sedona.  A visit to Sedona will be one that most people will never forget, but if you follow the instructions within these humorous vignettes, you may avoid catching the Fever! 

“Words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions think.” ~Lord Byron

Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922) was a leading American Spiritualist, prolific author, poet, clergyman, and physician. His literary endeavors and world travels allowed him an opportunity to meet many people within prestigious literary, political, and religious/spiritualists circles. He authored many books on Spiritualism and on his world travels throughout his long lifetime. Within his books not only did he present his own prose and poetry but the poetry of others, especially poetry with a spiritual theme of eternal life, of reincarnation, and communication with those on the other side, including angels.
Dr. Peebles wrote of the spiritual expressions of his friends and colleagues such as Walt Whitman, Emerson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Longfellow, and a number of other well known gifted men and women. Within A Meeting of the Minds, we have the words of those who have enriched us with their sensitive understanding of the mystical wonders and beauty of life.


How Thin the Veil!  150 Years of Spiritualism by Linda Pendleton.  Take a Journey Back in Time.  In about 1850, Spiritualism reached a high interest and continued for a number of years, not only in America but world-wide.  The poets, philosophers, artists, and politicians of the time, along with the ordinary man and woman, in surprising numbers came to accept spirit communication as a comforting and fulfilling life experience. 

The first aviators took to the sky above with amazing courage and inventiveness. The many decades leading up to the early 1930s, saw ingenious achievements in aeronautics. The science of flight, workmanship, and daring men and women, made for an exhilarating time of worldwide events that would ultimately change the world.

As a young woman in 1933, the author followed with interest the historical pioneers of flight, and the achievements of aviation, which were unfolding at an exciting momentum. This is a look from the perspective of aviation prior to 1934. A short Introduction by the author's daughter, Linda Pendleton.

A compelling historical biography of an extraordinary man, James Martin Peebles, an intellectual, reformer, physician, author, who, with his remarkable achievements and his fascinating life story is a testament to the connection between creativity, freedom of thought, and humanity, all embraced and overshadowed by the world of spirit.
Born in 1822 in Vermont, Dr. Peebles died in Los Angeles in 1922, 36 days short of a century. At the age of sixteen, he was teaching school, and at twenty was ordained as a Universalist minister, but a restlessness moved him to search for more.  As Spiritualism began to sweep the country and Europe, he became a celebrated Spiritualist.  He traveled extensively, lecturing all over America, and made five trips around the world, spending extended time in Europe, Australia, and Asia.  He served in the Union army during the Civil War despite his pacifist beliefs.   He was appointed consul to Trebizond, Turkey by President Ulysses Grant, served on the Indian Peace Commission, and was an abolitionist and suffragist.  

Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922) was a leading American Spiritualist, prolific author, poet, clergyman, and physician. His literary endeavors and world travels allowed him an opportunity to meet many people within prestigious literary, philosophical, and religious/spiritualists circles. He authored many books on Spiritualism, and about his world travels, throughout his long lifetime. In this book, which enjoyed many editions and translations, he examines the history of religion and spirituality, with emphasizes on spirit communication, ancient religions and doctrines, philosophy, eternal life, spirit guides and angels. The new Introduction, editing, and annotations to the book are by Linda Pendleton.

A Small Drop of Ink is a treasury of wit and wisdom, beauty and sentiment, inspiration and thought-provoking quotations drawn from ancient times to the present. Hundreds of thoughts of men and women that have changed the minds and hearts of mankind are arranged into six parts: The Wonders of Nature and Beauty; The Struggle for Freedom and Equality; Life Lessons; The Power of Love; The Creative Drive; and Windows of the Soul, along with inspirational vignettes from the author. This collection of quotations from the wisdom of the ages will lift the spirit. Every quotation may offer inspiration, invaluable insight and is thought-provoking.

Are we alone in the universe? Most people believe that we are not. Nearly 80 percent of Americans believe the government is not telling us all they know about UFO activity. Could the Earth’s much needed healing be part of another planet’s mission? Are off-earth beings here to help, or to hinder the human race? Can we unlock the long held secrets and mysteries about extraterrestrial life? Research and polls indicate that at least one in seven persons have had a UFO experience of some kind. Abductions, sightings, crop circles—messages from beyond? And why are we being denied disclosure?  What has science, technology, professional investigations, and history, revealed?  

As Light as a Feather by Linda Pendleton.  Linda shares inspiration and food for thought with her writings of NDEs, mediumship, angels, reincarnation, UFOs, spirit communication, and other areas of metaphysics and the paranormal, in such a way as to lend credibility to spiritual experiences.